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In - Building Cellular

PSI knows it could be difficult to find a strong signal in your home, office, or place of business we currently offers a wide selection of in-building cellular booster and distributed antenna systems to bring the connectivity outside your home, office, or place of business inside. We use the best products provided by SureCall with industry-standard cable by Eupen Cable.


SureCall delivers cell phone booster solutions for mobile, in-building, and commercial installations. SureCall designs and manufactures a wide variety of amplifiers, antennas and related components to improve communications for cell phones and cellular data devices for all consumer, commercial, and industrial applications of any size.

Signal boosters work transparently on all five US carrier networks (AT&T / Verizon / T-Mobile / Sprint / US Mobility), and there are solutions available for all 3G, 4G, LTE and cellular high-speed data networks. 5G network solutions are also available for both AT&T and T-Mobile customers (not available for consumer installs at this time).


Our cable is manufactured by Eupen Cable. We use the 1/2" hardline series which offers a significant decrease in loss vs the typical coax cable that comes with most cellular kit systems. In addition, Eupen does not use crimp-on connectors that coax cables have (which can become problematic overtime), but rather uses compression-style, weather-resistant connectors that offers easy installation techniques by our certified technicians and complies with all communication industry standards.

Eupen’s hardline cables are available in both standard polyethylene (PE) and plenum (PL) jacket configurations. Grounding kits and lightning protection are also available for installs at commercial and industrial facilities that require them. They are optional for consumer installs.

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